Richard McLellan

Furniture maker and master joiner

Richard McLellan - furniture maker and master joiner, example of work

I am a furniture maker, carpenter and joiner with 30 years’ experience in producing beautiful objects.  I am based in Oxfordshire and I offer a complete range of bespoke furniture: everything from tables to wardrobes to libraries. I also create objects from wood for the garden: benches, seating, ornamental gates, pergolas and tables. In addition, I produce quality joinery particularly suited to period properties and listed buildings: doors, windows and staircases in many forms.

Central to the success of a design is good communication. I always enjoy visits to new clients and the process of listening and discussion. Out of this rapport flows the development of their idea. Requests can range from a modest set of shelves to a large and intricate bookcase or  kitchen.

Part of the pleasure for me is that each piece of work is different, unique to each house and owner. I am constantly developing new ways of doing things, either by following a design through to a new conclusion, or by incorporating better technology in the form of hardware and fittings as it becomes available. The different hardwoods that I use have unique characters, but common to all my work is a traditional ‘handmade’ approach. Of course I use a variety of machines to help with the work but the process is flexible so each piece can include particular details and subtleties of design.

Whatever the project, I will come for a visit, discuss your ideas and suggest alternatives if that is appropriate so that by the time I leave we should both have a clear idea of what the project will look like. Ideas can be developed or clarified by drawings if necessary. I will  then give you timescales and prices with no obligation on your part. Finally, I like to make the service I offer as responsible and comprehensive as possible – everything from keeping you informed at every stage to hoovering up at the end.

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